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Yi Ren, History Of Art, BMC ‘23

Museum Studies Fieldwork Seminar

Faculty Advisor: Sylvia Houghteling & Monique Scott

Field Site: The San Francisco Asian Art Museum

Field Supervisor: Clothilde Schmidt O’Hare

Praxis Poster:

Yi Ren_Final Poster


Further Context:

Thank you for the great opportunity to participate in the Museum Fieldwork Seminar partnered with the San Francisco Asian Art Museum. The immersive internship in the Marketing and Communication team helped me get a clear vision on a career in museum institutions. At the beginning, I worked in the Museum database called DAMS to get information to write instagram stories about Exhibition Weaving Stories, which presents vibrant textiles from across Indonesia, the Philippines, and Malaysia revealing stories as varied as the region’s hundreds of weaving traditions and as universal as cloth. Later I moved to work on TikTok marketing research and presentation in which I collected thousands of real TikTok performance data, including the Rijksmuseum, Sacramento History Museum, Museum of Neon Art, the Metropolitan Museum, the Barnes Foundation etc.  and analyzed the data to find practical ways to make TikTok accounts successful. There are multiple essential elements for running TikTok which involve the content of videos, the length of videos, the funding or sponsorship and so on.  I learned to analyze and visualize  data and make qualitative reports on my research. The skill sets developed in the remote internship are valuable in real workplaces, and it’s very different from studying in classes. I hope to do more internships in the field next semester!